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Stump Removal

stump removal done successfully

When you have a tree stump on your lawn it can limit your ability to put anything in that space. If you want a tree stump removed, you have come to the right place, Wilmington Tree Service Pros. We have the tools, equipment and experts needed to effectively remove any tree stumps on your property. If you have a beautiful lawn that you would like to put something on and the stump prevents you from doing so, contact us and let us quickly rid you of this problem. We won’t take our time scheduling your stump removal so don’t hesitate to call us today.

Removing Several Stumps

If you have more than one tree stump you might think that it would be too expensive to have them all removed. However, this is not a tree. If you have more than one stump then we encourage you to have them removed at the same time. Doing so will prevent you from having to contact us to remove another stump at another time. It is more effective and practical to remove them at the same time and is less expensive. Only rely on a qualified, professional who has experience safely and effectively removing tree stumps.

Effectively Grinding Trees

A tree is considered an asset and we firmly believe this. That is why even after your tree has been removed and the stump remains, it can be of benefit to you. We can grind your stump and turn it into wood chips or mulch. This can be used for your landscaping, which any homeowners appreciate. Having your tree ground really gives you greater value for your money since it can be repurposed and used elsewhere. With the right tools, it is easy to produce mulch and wood chips. We have invested in what we need to do this for our customers.

Hire Our Qualified Tree Professionals

With the help of our qualified tree professional, you can receive the help that you want and need from someone with the necessary skills and qualifications. They have received the training that is needed to effectively assist with your service needs. With the help of the most experienced tree professionals removing your tree stumps, you are assured of receiving quality services that you can depend on. When our qualified tree experts remove a tree stump, they will completely remove it so that there is nothing there but dirt.

Affordable Tree Stump Removal

If you haven't had your tree stumps removed yet it might be because you are afraid of the cost of having them removed. You don't have to worry because, at Wilmington Tree Service Pros, we'll effectively remove your tree stump at a price that you can afford. We're confident about this because we willingly work with your budget to provide you with the services that you need. Don’t put it off another day when we can provide you with the help that you need in no time. You can start making plans for the additional space that you’ll have once we remove the stumps.

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