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About Us

professional tree care worker during work

You never really know how important a tree is until you have one. This is what many of our customers at Wilmington Tree Service Pros tell us when they rely on our tree care services. They may have a tree on their property that is no longer as lush and beautiful as it used to be. They call us to find out why and to see how we can help. We are different from most people because we have a fascination with trees and all the beauty and splendor that they offer. This is why we started our tree care service more than 20-years ago. Treating and caring for trees is more than just a business to us; it is our passion.

Our tree arborists at Wilmington Tree Service Pros are vetted to ensure that they can produce the results that we need them to produce for our customers. They prove effective in all that we ask them to do and this is well-pleasing to them and to those whom we serve. Since they have studied tree species of every type, they know what is required to properly care for them and treat them if they are diseased. Their vast understanding of so many different trees is something that we find extremely beneficial to our business and most importantly, to our customers. They are committed to providing our customers with the best tree care services. This is clearly seen from the quality of service they offer.

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