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Wilmington Tree Service Pros

Tree Service Wilmington NC

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The appearance of your trees can affect the appearance of your entire property. If you have diseased trees they can even become dangerous. Call Wilmington Tree Service Pros to help with your tree care needs. Our experts handle it all from tree removal to stump removal and more.

You deserve beautiful trees that are safe to have around and we are prepared to offer this to you. With our help, we can keep your trees in great condition all year round. If you see your trees as an investment then call us so that we can help you take care of your investment.

About Us

We have been running our tree service in the Wilmington, NC area for more than 20-years. Since we only work with expert arborists we can effectively provide our customers with the best and most effective tree care services possible. No one is better equipped to address the needs of your trees more than we are. We have invested our time and effort into finding the most skilled tree professionals in the city to help with your service needs. We also invested in highly-useful and effective commercial-grade tree equipment and tools.

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    Our Services

    When you have a tree that needs to be removed, trimmed, planted or cared for in any way, you can rely on us to do it for you. We offer the services that we needed most often, which are the services that help you maintain a green, lush, healthy tree. If you are having trouble with a tree of any type or you need help removing a tree, call on us. We have all that is needed to effectively assist with your tree care needs, big or small.

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    Tree Removal

    You can’t entrust the job of removing a tree to just anyone. You have to rely on someone with the qualifications needed to effectively and carefully remove a tree. Rely on our professional tree removal services and we’ll have the tree removed in no time. Don’t jeopardize harming yourself of someone else by allowing anyone other than a licensed tree service to remove your tree.

    Tree Trimming

    Many have trees and never give the care of the tree any thought until they have to. This is usually when a large limb has fallen and nearly missed hitting them or landing on their vehicle. Rather than waiting for something tragic to occur, why not give us a call right away at Wilmington Tree Service Pros and allow us to trim your tree. This is a precaution for ensuring that you remain safe from harm due to tree limbs falling.

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    professional tree care worker working on tree removal
    professional tree care worker working on tree trimming

    Tree Planting

    If you’re considering having a tree planted there are things that you need to know, such as how far from your property it has to be planted, how it should be fertilized, and the amount of care and attention it will need. If you don’t know about these things then it is in your best interest to leave the job in the hands of our qualified tree arborists.

    Stump Removal

    After a tree is removed a stump remains. We won’t automatically remove the stump. This is something that is done separately. However, if you don’t want a stump left behind just let us know and we’ll be happy to remove it for you. This is something that could prevent you from fully utilizing your lawn.

    tree stump removal successfully
    professional tree care worker working on emergency tree service
    professional tree care worker working tree planting

    Tree Care and Shrub Care

    Since the appearance of your trees can alter the appearance of your property, why not make sure you can always make a good impression by allowing us to care for your trees and shrub. We will work with your schedule and your budget to provide you with the services that you need regularly.

    Emergency Tree Service

    Make sure you call Wilmington Tree Service Pros when you have a tree emergency. We don’t waste our time providing you with the assistance that you need, as we act immediately! Since we don’t waste time getting you the help that you need, you shouldn’t waste time either. Call us right away before the situation worsens.

    “I loved sitting under the shade tree in the spring with a cold drink after work. However, I was wondering why I suddenly stopped doing it. It was because my tree no longer grew as many leaves as it used to. After having my tree cared for by Wilmington Tree Service Pros, they found the problem and began treating the tree. Now I’m sitting under again after work.” – John J.

    “We moved into a home with several tree stumps on the lawn. No one wanted to assume responsibility for removing them so we called Wilmington Tree Service Pros and asked them for a quote. They provided us with the most reasonable rate out of all the services we contacted. We went with their services and couldn’t be more satisfied with how quickly they removed the stumps. I would like to recommend them to others who may need to tree services in Wilmington, NC.” – Arnold R.

    “It dawned on me that I didn’t have a tree on my property and I always wanted a tree. My neighbors had trees but I didn’t. I called on a Wilmington Tree Service Pros and they helped me pick out the perfect trees for my size lawn.” – Sandy T.

    Contact Us Today

    We are the only name that you need to know when you need tree care services of any king in Wilmington, NC. You deserve the best and you are assured of receiving the best tree care services when you rely on our highly-qualified, and knowledgeable tree arborists. They have studied every type of tree species and are well-qualified to help with your tree care needs. If you want your trees to remain an asset and not to become a liability, make sure you are having your trees cared for by our team of experts. Contact us today. We offer guaranteed satisfaction.